Configuring BitBucket pipelines for deploying to FTP site

This is the code I have used in my bitbucket-pipelines.yml file to successfully deploy a BitBucket repo to my server using FTP: pipelines: default: – step: script: – apt-get update – apt-get -qq install git-ftp – git ftp init –user $FTP_USERNAME –passwd $FTP_PASSWORD ftp://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL Note: after the first commit, change the last line to: – Read more…

WordPress: Wrap the published day, month, and year in span tags

Here is a quick and easy way to wrap the individual elements of your WordPress template’s published date output in tags: Note: the key is to escape the each letter of the tag declaration with a back slash.

WordPress Tricks: How to create a WYSIWYG page template for an archive page

Recently, I was working on a WordPress site and needed the ability to have editable page content at the top of the archive page for a custom post type. It took me a bit to figure out how to accomplish it but once I did, I am happy to report the solution was quite simple! Read more…

WordPress Tricks: A simple shortcode which will output the site title

Here is a very simple way to create a shortcode that will output your WordPress site’s title. Copy and paste this snippet into your active theme’s functions.php file: Now you can easily output the current site title anywhere in your content using the shortcode [site_title]

jQuery Tip: Scroll to the top of active accordion items whenever a new item is expanded (with the option to account for a fixed header)

Here is a really handy tip on how to add functionality for a user to be scrolled to the top of the currently active accordion item whenever a new accordion item is expanded. The key here, and the one that I have spent more hours than I care to remember trying to figure out, is Read more…

CSS Tip: How To Vertical Align One Div Inside Another

Here is the handy CSS code you can use to vertically align one div inside a parent div: I found this code on this StackOverflow answer.

WordPress Tricks: Allowing the use of shortcodes within custom shortcodes

I was recently working on a site where I needed to add custom shortcodes and also allow the use of shortcodes within my custom shortcodes and here is how I did it. I started by adding the standard code for creating custom shortcodes to my functions.php file: And then wrapped $content in the do_shortcode() function, Read more…

WooCommerce Tips: Customizing the Credit Card Image for the WooCommerce Paypal Pro Plugin

Here is the code I used in my theme’s functions.php file to customize the images displayed on the Checkout page on a website using the WooCommerce Paypal Pro plugin: I imagine you can use this snippet for other payment gateways as well, since I actually customized this code based off an article I found which Read more…

WordPress SimplePress Theme Customization: Adding custom thumbnails to home page slider

I recently worked on a project where I needed the ability to have the navigation thumbnails on the home page slider of the SimplePress WordPress theme to be customizable, not automatically generated off of the featured image as they are by default. Here are the steps I took to accomplish that: First, install and activate Read more…

WordPress: How to Truncate the Length of Titles in Previous / Next Post Links

Here is the code I use to truncate the length of post titles in previous post / next post links on WordPress sites: The result looks something like this: « This is the title of th… | This is the title of th… »