WordPress SimplePress Theme Customization: Adding custom thumbnails to home page slider

I recently worked on a project where I needed the ability to have the navigation thumbnails on the home page slider of the SimplePress WordPress theme to be customizable, not automatically generated off of the featured image as they are by default. Here are the steps I took to accomplish that: First, install and activate Read more…

WordPress: How to Truncate the Length of Titles in Previous / Next Post Links

Here is the code I use to truncate the length of post titles in previous post / next post links on WordPress sites: The result looks something like this: « This is the title of th… | This is the title of th… »

Royal Slider: Play video when clicking anywhere in the preview image

Here is the code I use to play a YouTube or Vimeo video in a Royal Slider gallery when a visitor clicks anywhere in the preview image, and not just when they click the Play button itself:

CiviCRM + WordPress + QuickBooks: Installing the Intuit Quickbooks Extension in your WordPress+CiviCRM installation

I have not found very clear instructions or support on how to download and install the QuickBooks extension for CiviCRM in my WordPress + CiviCRM installation so I am going to share the steps I took to accomplish this here, for future reference for myself as much as anyone 🙂 First, this is the extension that Read more…

WordPress Tips: Adding keyboard navigation between posts

I used the tips in this helpful post today to add keyboard navigation between posts on a WordPress website. The jQuery script is: Then, just make sure your previous and next post links have the appropriate classes:

WordPress Tips: How to use “get_sidebar()” in a foreach loop

Today I was working on a one-page WordPress blog template and encountered a situation where I need to put a call to the WordPress function “get_sidebar” within my loop. The sidebar only showed up on the first post result in that loop on the website however. A bit of online research turned up this solution Read more…

How to preserve anchor tags in links shared using a social media sharing plugin on a one-page website

I ran into an issue today on a one-page scrolling website that is built using fullPage.js and therefore uses anchor links in the page URL to get people to the right place on the website. It is a WordPress website and on the blog, I naturally wanted to incorporate a social media sharing plugin. The Read more…

How to fade in content on page scroll on a website that uses fullPage.js with CSS and jQuery

I recently used the fullPage.js script on a website that I am working on and ran into a bit of trouble getting the section content to fade in nicely when it was scrolled into view. Here is the way I was able to accomplish that feature. Following the instructions on how to incorporate fullPage.js into Read more…

Pure CSS Dropdown Navigation Menu with Animation

Here is a quick and easy way to add beautiful CSS animation to a simple dropdown menu. Here is the HTML structure for our dropdown menu: Here is the basic CSS for a dropdown menu: The key things to note in the code above are the positioning, the opacity, and the visibility declarations for ul.submenu Read more…

WordPress: Conditional PHP code to check if page is set as the website home page

Here is the code I use in my WordPress template files to add a conditional statement which checks to see if a page is set in the dashboard as the site home page: