WordPress: How to show a div on only certain pages

Here is the code you can use to show a

on only the pages that you want it to be shown on:

<code><?php if( is_page(home) ) { ?> 
<div> This is the div that will only show up on the page named 'Home' </div> 
<?php } ?></code>

You can also have it show up on every page except for a particular page:

<code><?php if( !is_page(home) ) { ?>
<div> This is the div that will only show up any page that is NOT named 'Home' </div> 
<?php } ?></code>

Let me know if you have any questions or trouble with this at all.

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Libby Fisher is an experienced freelance web developer, recently relocated from Seattle to Boston, and passionate about developing websites that are both aesthetically appealing and intuitively usable - or as she prefers: "beautifully effective."

  • John

    Hi Libby, what if I want only to show it to home, about-us and contact-us. What will be the code?